whita glo Things To Know Before You Buy

A blood clot (a thickened mass of blood), mass of bacteria or other tissue, air or foreign body that breaks unfastened, travels through the bloodstream and lodges in both an organ or artery forming a whole or partial blockage in blood movement.

The process of transforming or coding details to really make it unreadable to anybody other than All those possessing Exclusive knowledge or The real key to decrypt the info.

A minimally invasive course of action requires a modest skin puncture or pretty minimal incision to complete the intervention, which generally involves the insertion of miniaturized devices.

A colorless, odorless gasoline found in the air and Employed in its liquefied condition in cryosurgery to freeze and demolish diseased tissue, such as cancer cells.

A ballooning-away from a section of artery brought on by condition or weakness while in the vessel wall (called an aneurysm) the biggest artery in the human body, the aorta.

A selected gene or other identifiable portion of DNA which might be used to detect a person disease or trait. genetically engineered tumor vaccines

Techniques during which miniature instruments or a catheter made up of prescription drugs are inserted right into a blood vessel while in the brain to deal with vascular condition or abnormalities.

Gallbladder elimination working with tiny abdominal incisions in addition to a laparoscope, a skinny, tube-like instrument with a light along with a lens for viewing the inside in the abdominal cavity.

A problem through which brain tissue involving the Component of the brain known as the cerebellum protrudes into your spinal canal. cholecystitis

A health care imaging review of your brain's area utilizing little electrodes to stimulate a nerve so its electrical reaction could be measured. By analyzing the purpose of precise nerves in a client, This method can help surgeons stay away from damage to delicate locations though functioning to the brain.

An x-ray procedure that requires the injection of the contrast material straight to the liver Look at their offer to create images on the bile ducts. perforation

A tear from the wall of the blood vessel which allows blood stressed to stream involving the levels on the wall, generating the tear even worse.

A series of hollow organs joined in a long, twisting tube in the mouth to the anus that is an element of your digestive process, a fancy approach that allows the body to stop working and soak up foods and eradicate waste.

In people, the producing organism from conception till around the end of the 2nd month; developmental levels from this time and energy to birth are generally designated as fetal.

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